Goo Hye Sun “I’m an attention seeker. Please love me”

Goo Hye Sun claims she's a attention seeker and wants to be loved

On the 9th, Goo Hye Sun posted a selfie with the caption “I’m an attention seeker. Please love me”

original post: naver

1. [+1587, -176] Get out of Instagram and continue your psychotherapy. That’s the only way forward.

2. [+1431, -38] I’m not saying this with a bad intent and I’m really worried about her. But first, Hyesun-nim, please get some treatment. Journalist-nim, leave her personal account alone. Why would you write something like this just to make her cursed?

3. [+663, -31] Save her. It was quiet after her divorce and it’s starting again. Let’s not consume articles like this. Goo Hye Sun’s SNS is her own and she’s talking to her acquaintances. It’s deplorable why irrelevant people slander her in malicious comments.

4. [+611, -52] It’s like she’s saying, “Please save me.” She’s saying, “I’m so tired”… She seems a little unstable and troubled right now, and I really hope that she can find strength. Please remember this whenever you’re having a hard. Once in a lifetime, to be born this pretty, you must have luck. You were born with the luck of someone who won the lotto, and you’re a precious person. I’ll always support you so please don’t have any bad thoughts. Be thankful for all you have, be thankful for being born this pretty. I hope you live that way. I’m cheering for you!

5. [+445, -51] In life, appearance can be important in the early days of meeting, but personality is important after marriage.

6. [+228, -102] Please get some therapy from the psychiatrist.

7. [+118, -2] Let’s find strength… You’re not the only one who fails to love….

8. [+70, -1] Journalist, do you want to write an article about an entertainment artist whose condition or situation seems unstable? Please leave her alone.

9. [+55, -3] I’m not the only one who feels weird… Maybe it’s time for her acquaintances to take care of her…

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