Goo Hye Sun “Ahn Jae Hyun, let’s get a divorce after getting casted on the drama … felt abandoned”

Goo Hye Sun reveals details of what led to her divorce in an exclusive interview

“When the news about our divorce got out, my parents thought I was going to die. I was never the type to be very angry, but I became very violent. Since I started acting differently, my family was shocked and believed I couldn’t be left alone. First my big sister stayed with me for a week, and after that, it was my mom. I was hospitalized for about a month. After receiving counselling, I feel more at peace.

I regret a lot of things, and there are some behaviors of my own that not even I understand, but I think having such strong emotions of hatred became difficult to endure. I trusted him so much that I couldn’t forgive him, and there were times when I was so angry that I felt like I was going crazy. But I tried to forget about it since I had to plan my life all over again.

There weren’t that many bad days. We didn’t have many reasons to fight, and we didn’t do many things that the other person hated. What I hated the most was how much he drank, but since he felt sorry the day after, I just ended up accepting it. Since he was a sensitive person who always had animal hair on his clothes, that might have been hard for him. But he rarely fussed about it, and we smiled, held hands, and lived like an ordinary couple.

He started leaving early in the morning to exercise and came late at night after drinking. At first, I just thought he wanted to do a good job at his starring role and complimented him. Seeing him build his body for a month made me see him in a new light, and I was happy to see him grow. Even when he got his own apartment in June and I had a hard time contacting him for a month, I thought he just needed time to practice on his own. But after about a month, he said he wanted to live his own life and that he wanted a divorce.

After we got married, I didn’t do much TV work. My husband ended up getting more work, and someone had to do the housework. While my husband developed, I regressed, so I felt like I was being abandoned. When we first met, I was the “sunbae” and he respected me. Although housework is important, I felt like I was being looked down upon, and I felt like I was being thrown out for missing a leg.

We’re getting a divorce. There’s no reason to see Ahn Jae Hyun again. What’s the most difficult to accept is the fact that he discussed our personal life to his agency.” – Goo Hye Sun cr

Goo Hye Sun reveals details of what led to her divorce in an exclusive interview
Goo Hye Sun reveals details of what led to her divorce in an exclusive interview
Goo Hye Sun reveals details of what led to her divorce in an exclusive interview

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1. [+8084, -3364] That’s terrible.

2. [+4951, -1432] Can’t you just have a quiet divorce and end it..?

3. [+3208, -207] You don’t have to tell me everything, Goo. I don’t think you’re lacking but I think you broke up because there’s something wrong with you. Please don’t hurt yourself by providing news stories about your divorce. I’ve been rooting for you from afar, but I’m worried about your health. I don’t want you to make the wound any worse.

4. [+3274, -932] You got divorced because there was wrong from both sides. Let it go cleanly and forget it.

5. [+1561, -154] I think anyone would feel abandoned if someone who was family did that. I don’t think it’s bad when you’re honest but please be more calm in the future. I’ll be waiting for the day you come back as the cool and proud actress Goo Hye Sun.

6. [+2124, -792] What the hell are you doing?..

7. [+1438, -202] I can sympathize with her behavior as a woman… In Korean society, it’s true that people who work at home as women become more backward… This is the problem that housewives once thought about. Now that you’re out of your grief, I’ll cheer you on.

8. [+1323, -145] I understand Goo Hye Sun’s heart… I hope you’ll forget all about it and live as good as you want…

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