Scary photo on Goo Hye Sun’s Instagram

Goo Hye Sun reveals her scary photo and thoughts on Instagram

“This is the album jacket image I was originally going to reveal for ‘Must I Die.’ I submitted four photos to the court. (The marked date is the song’s release date).”

(Goo Hye Sun previously released a piano version of her 2014 song “Must I Die” on September 27. In early September, Goo Hye Sun claimed that she and Ahn Jae Hyun were getting a divorce because he had an affair, saying that she has a photo of him “eating a late-night snack with an actress at a hotel while wearing a gown.”)

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1. Why did you submit that photo to the court..? This is a new way to promote the song..?

2. The person in that photo is Ahn Jae Hyun??????

3. I really want to introduce her to a mental hospital.

4. She said she has a photo of Ahn Jae Hyun eating a late night snack with an actress at the hotel while wearing a gown. She submitted the photo as evidence to the court and tried to use it as an album jacket photo.

5. She’s really weird and scary

6. Really scary…

7. How can Ahn Jae Hyun live with a woman like her?

8. She tried to use the photo of Ahn Jae Hyun and his ex-girlfriend as an album jacket photo..??? Is she crazy?

9. It’s a photo before they get married. Why did she submit it to the court?

10. No, even if the photo is real, it’s still scary with the idea of using it as an album jacket photo…. She is scary

11. The most worrying thing now is the mentality of Goo Hye Sun

12. Do you have a lawyer? This is the act of wiping out all your images as a celebrity

13. She’s really scary, ugly and not polite

14. Well … I guess Goo Hye Sun is mentally ill

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