Goo Hye Sun “Next time I must have a wedding ceremony… 3 months since she met a new man”

On the Kakao TV show ‘Face ID’ that aired on January 4th, Goo Hye Sun met with a close friend from school.

Goo Hye Sun explained she became close with her guy friend Joon Han because of the MBTI. She said, “We got close because of MBTI. I met someone of my kind. I think I’m a close friend, but Joon Han is still considering if I’m his friend or not.”

The actress continued to say while conversing with Joon Han, “These days I’m writing down the names of people who I will invite to my wedding. I really want to have a wedding ceremony since I didn’t have one. I organized the list of people I like and want to invite, but I have more people than I thought. There are more than 10 people.” cr

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1. Goo Hye Sun fighting!!

2. No, it doesn’t matter whether Goo Hye Sun meets men, meets women, or gets married, as long as she doesn’t talk about her ex-husband

3. Goo Hye Sun is so pretty ㅎㅎ I want to see her news often and watch her on TV

4. But why didn’t you have your wedding ceremony last time?

5. I hope you are happy no matter what kind of man you meet💕

6. So is Oh Yeon Seo not gonna sue her?

7. Next time you’re fighting a man, please don’t hold the hair of the women around you~

8. Well, that poor man

9. Be happy

10. I just hope that both Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun live well

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