‘Night of Real Entertainment’ Goo Hye Sun “I thought Ahn Jae Hyun was joking when he asked for a divorce… I haven’t been in contact with him since since the matter began”

Goo Hye Sun talks about her divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun in the interview

She shared that she trusted Ahn Jae Hyun so much that at first she had thought he was joking when he suggested divorce. “When I realized it wasn’t a joke later on, I was very angry,” she said.

Goo Hye Sun shared that she hasn’t once been in contact with Ahn Jae Hyun since the matter began. “We’ll see each other again at some point.”

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1. [+9402, -718] I think she lost her sanity at the feeling of betrayal but she seems to be back now… I know because I experienced the same thing. If you lose your composure and get mad like a madman, the wrong person looks normal, and the one who gets beaten up and angry looks like a madman.

2. [+7008, +451] Goo Hye Sun’s behavior was definitely wrong, but I think I can understand the feeling. It’s not a relationship, it’s a marriage, it’s a change of heart, and if you get a one-sided divorce notice, you’re out of your mind. I know how that feeling of betrayal and irresponsibility must’ve felt like. I hope people don’t get married with such a shallow mind. Goo Hye Sun left a bad scar and regret, but I hope there will be only good things from now on.

3. [+3081, -81] From what they have said and done so far, if they had a longer relationship, they certainly wouldn’t have been able to get married…;;

4. [+3166, -191] It’s time to be happy in the future.

5. [+1696, -218] I fully understand you as a woman. He probably treated like he’d give her the stars when they first started dating and then changed once he got more popular. I think she had to gnash her teeth to get revenge, but the best way of revenge is just living your best life without him. Let it go and press reset.

6. [+1381, -238] Be respectful when breaking up with someone, especially when you were married. It’s so cruel to receive a one-sided divorce request like that. Hye Sun, I wish you a bright future.

7. [+2272, -1276] Did you apologize to that actress?

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