After Kang Daniel, GOT7 delays upcoming concert in Hong Kong due to safety reasons of the local situation

GOT7 delays upcoming concert in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong stop of GOT7’s world tour “Keep Spinning” has been postponed.

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1. [+805, -46] Jackson is now a traitor in Hong Kong..

2. [+315, -23] Can Jackson go to Hong Kong??

3. [+199, -23] Isn’t Jackson a traitor at this time?

4. [+181, -25] Do you have conscience? You shouldn’t even think about going to Hong Kong ㅋㅋ Change your nationality to China~~~

5. [+147, -25] Is it because of Jackson? They should not even talk about Hong Kong these days.

6. [+33, -3] They delayed it for safety reasons

7. [+33, -3] Hong Kong is too dangerous, all singers have to cancel and delay their activities

8. [+38, -9] GOT7 can’t go because of Jackson? But they could not go anyway because of the protests.

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