GOT7 Jackson once waved Hong Kong flags in Hong Kong and South Korea

Incheon International Airport

In Hong Kong


Jackson bringing the red flag of five stars in GOT7’s tour

Completely changed from the Hong Kong national team to Chinese pride. It’s not a joke.

original post: theqoo

1. Money money, everything just for money …

2. Hul ….. He can’t help because he has to live and eat in China …….

3. Not his hometown in Hong Kong? Disgusting

4. He was born and raised in Hong Kong and really … When he was a rookie, he always said that he was from Hong Kong.

5. How does one change like this …

6. Is Jackson popular in China?

7. Now he can only see Chinese money around. Stop acting like a music lover. Live, dance on stage. It’s disgusting.

8. What’s wrong, Jackson.

9. He waved China flag during GOT7’s tour, is he crazy?

10. It’s a shame to raise these kids in Korea.

11. Money makes people change like that…