Groups that will disband or renew their contracts soon

These are groups that will reach 7th year in some months. They will renew their contracts or disband

1. Red Velvet

Groups that will disband or renew their contracts soon


3. Mamamoo

4. GOT7

5. Lovelyz

6. Laboum

Who do you think will renew? I really wish that all the groups from 2014 will renew and go for the long run…

original post: pann

1. [+358, -14] I think Red Velvet will renew..? Wendy and Seulgi aren’t solo yet and Seulgi even has an unit so I think they will renew. Yeri also has her own show and Joy is working hard on her solo promotion

2. [+313, -15] Red Velvet has not used their full image yet, their visuals are still refreshingly pretty and Psycho did so well on the charts so I’m sure they will renew… I really like Red Velvet’s songs so I hope they renew

3. [+228, -6] It’s a bit wrong to spread those even before there are news of renewal from official sources

4. [+164, -5] Lovelyz is already 7 years old..? I thought they were still rookies.. They’re still fresh but time pass too fast.. Even after a long time, I don’t get tired of their songs, so I hope they sing for a long time

5. [+118, -4] I don’t know what will happen to GOT7 but I think they will renew?? If you listen to what the members say every day, they still have the passion for music and they can only say that if they renew