Gugudan’s Mina, “Being skinny is the best? You can live your life like that”

Gugudan's Mina speaks out against extreme diets and beauty standards

During the recent live stream on her Instagram, Mina opened up about the real reason why she has previously shared her extreme diet measures. She said, “I shared my sparkling water diet because I knew it’s really unhealthy for you from my experience. I didn’t want you guys to try my method so I’m very upset whenever someone DM’s me if she can lose weight like me if she only drinks sparkling water.”

She continued, “It’s unnecessary unless you have a job like mine. I don’t think being skinny is the only way to be beautiful.” When someone commented “But I still think being skinny is better.”, she said, “Then you do you.” cr

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1. [+1804, -470] But why did she lose weight herself..? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1624, -393] Her words don’t match her actions… She should gain her weight back then…

3. [+1144, -270] It’s true that skinny is not the standard of beauty, but being fat is ugly. There are people who seem to be pretty after gaining weight, but that’s because they were so skinny before

4. [+165, -34] I like Mina but her words are hypocritical. She lost weight when she was chubby to be prettier. She can say this if she goes back to her old weight.

5. [+143, -35] She’s suffering from the same disease as Ha Yeon Soo

6. [+135, -24] Why is her attitude like this to someone who wants to be skinny while she herself maintains a rigorous diet to make money?

7. [+75, -58] She’s right. We really need to get rid of the notion that you can only be pretty if you’re skinny

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