Haha and Byul, explaining the conversation on ‘My Little Old Boy’ “I sincerely apologize to those who are hurt”

Haha and Byul apologize for their story on 'My Little Old Boy'

Haha and Byul appeared at the invitation of Kim Jong Kook on the show “My Little Old Boy” broadcast on the 23rd. On this day, the two of them honestly told Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jong Min about about their third pregnancy, the process of resolving marriage conflicts, the sense of responsibility they feel after becoming parents and their love for each other.

But some netizens made negative comments like “I have to listen to a private conversation” and “I don’t care.”

Haha and Byul apologize for their story on 'My Little Old Boy'

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1.[+4373, -86] I watched episode that day, what’s wrong? Pregnancy is a normal story. What problem?

2. [+3350, -44] I don’t know what people are talking about. Hong Jin Young’s old sister continues to talk about her diet on the show, isn’t that a personal matter?

3. [+2361, -50] Personal stories? You don’t talk about personal things, you talk about public things? You seem to live happily. You are pretty.

4. [+776, -26] Nothing to blame her

5. [+189, -3] What was the problem again? It’s just nice to see you. It’s just an ordinary couple. It’s a family story. Everyone lives like that, and that’s how… What’s wrong with you? I saw it as funny… I don’t know if you’re upset.

6. [+153, -3] You look familiar because you’ve seen your husband’s fault, but everyone lives the same way. That’s how I feel. I know everything, HAHA is good ~~~~

7. [+146, -3] It’s a private meeting, so let’s talk about it. So you want her to worry about the country, about the world?

8. [+123, -5] Haha, Byul~ You don’t have to do anything like this, and there’s no reason to explain it like this. There are so many people in the world who are different and strange. You can think about it.That’s why you don’t need to be hurt by the comments. I just want you to focus on prenatal care and childbirth. Go easy.

9. [+114, -2] What was the problem? I enjoyed it. It must be hard for the celebrity couple.

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