Han Chowon asked to fix her ranking in the final ranking of Produce 48

On August 11, Han Cho Won sat down with the YouTube channel to rewatch the video and read the comments about her.

In one comment, a netizen wrote, “Thanks to ‘Hellbayah, Kang Hye Won was about to debut and Han Cho Won was able to go from rank 80 to rank 13.” Han Cho Won immediately responded, “Please fix this. It’s not 13 but it’s 6th place! This is very important to me.”

3 minutes 29 seconds~

original post: theqoo

1. I support her!!! Han Chowon fighting!!!

2. I really want to know who are the two girls who were put into IZ*ONE in place of Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun

3. Chowon is my favorite idol and she’s also my pick. Please support her a lot

4. Chowon should have debuted as a solo artist…

5. Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun are both talented and good at singing

6. Of course she would be mad, she would have been part of that girl group and getting all the popularity

7. Chowon is my pick. I’m proud of her, so let’s do even better!

8. Chowon fighting~ In the future, you will be the one who smiles the most

9. IZ*ONE members are shameless and have no conscience

10. Mnet is trash

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