Han Hyeyeon picks the 5 idols who dress the best

(Han Hyeyeon is a South Korean celebrity fashion stylist)


SHINee Key

BTS Jimin

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung


original post: theqoo

1. Sooyoung is tall and has a good body to wear whatever she wants to wear before she feels fashionable ㅜㅜ

2. GD’s fashion is a bit weird, I like Jimin and Sooyoung’s fashion style… Jennie’s fashion is hot

3. Jimin and Jennie’s fashion is my style

4. I really like Key’s style

5. Jimin is neat, Jennie has lots of cute clothes

6. I want my boyfriend to dress like Jimin, his style is the best for me

7. I like men who dress neatly like Jimin, and Sooyoung’s style is the type I want to wear

8. GD is so famous for his fashion style, and Jennie is so pretty that she looks good no matter what she wears… so jealous

9. Sooyoung is really neat and stylish… f*cking pretty

10. Personally, I love GD and Key’s style!! Jimin, Sooyoung, and Jennie are also good