Han Seo Hee exposes MONSTA X Shownu’s affair -> Shownu had no idea she was married

Han Seo Hee alleges that MONSTA X's Shownu had an affair with a married woman?

On October 31, Han Seo Hee posted screenshots of a direct message received by Jung Da Eun, who previously made claims against Wonho. This direct message was sent by a man saying that his wife cheated on him with Shownu and included a screenshot of a text message from Shownu’s legal representative. The text from the legal representative said that Shownu was unaware of the woman being in a relationship.

Starship Entertainment released the following statement regarding this matter:

“Shownu was in contact with the woman in question prior to her marriage. The woman got married recently around August, but our agency confirmed that Shownu did not know at all because the woman did not tell Shownu.

Her husband contacted the agency, so we met up with him, and the whole story was explained. Afterwards, Shownu, who belatedly found out about her marriage, no longer contacted this woman at all. Shownu revealed that he would not get involved in the matters of a married couple’s relationship, and a text was sent via the law firm to confirm this stance.

Regardless of the situation, we express apologies for causing emotional pain to the involved individuals and bringing trouble to fans. Furthermore, as an agency with the duty to protect our artists, we ask for your understanding of the possibility that we may inevitably take legal action regarding excessive misunderstandings and speculations.”

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1. [+15649, -655] Teenagers, take a good look!~ That’s what it. How your life depends on how you act at school. Isn’t it fun to be an iljin? It always comes back to bite you when you’re at the top. The price to too high…

2. [+5935, -676] This group ㅋㅋㅋ So he really had an affair with a married woman? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The group is done

3. [+3944, -538] It looks like the group will have to disband now. Their image is completely ruined.

4. [+2426, -757] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He didn’t know?

5. [+1289, -263] I mean, isn’t Shownu the victim? He’s saying he didn’t know she was married and stopped contacting her after he found out. Plus, his private life was exposed. What’s… I don’t think there’s any reason to blame him.

6. [+1080, -211] But if he didn’t know she was married, I don’t think Shownu did anything wrong. If it’s true that he didn’t know, is this a violation of his privacy? … I’m sure he was shocked.

7. [+860, -142] But if she’s cheating on him, isn’t Shownu the victim?;

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