“It’s easy to put you at a disadvantage” Han Seo Hee, did she change her testimony about B.I because of Yang Hyun Suk’s threats?

Han Seo Hee indirectly admitted to being threatened + The way Yang Hyun Suk dealt with after discovering the artist used drugs

Han Seohee’s lawyer Bang Jung Hyun stated that Yang Hyun Suk said that a method is used to remove the drug traces so that they are not detected in tests. He reportedly said, “We periodically do drug tests, and if drugs are detected, then they’re sent to Japan where the drug ingredients can be removed, so they don’t get detected.”

According to Bang Jung Hyun, Yang Hyun Suk went on to say, “I hate our artists going to the police station for that kind of problem. I’ll give you sufficient compensation and appoint a lawyer for you, so go to the police station and change all of your testimony.”

Han Seo Hee indirectly admitted to being threatened + The way Yang Hyun Suk dealt with after discovering the artist used drugs

When asked by MBC ‘News Desk’ regarding claims that Yang Hyun Suk had threatened her to take back her testimony on B.I, Han Seo Hee replied, “It’s exactly what you’re thinking. What’s the point in saying anything. You honestly know what happened, right? It’s exactly as the news says.”

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1.[+8995, -45] Yang Hyun Suk seriously need to go to jail

2. [+5909, -50] Actually, I’m looking at it right now, if we’d been investigating and cracking down on Park Bom, G.D., and drug marijuana in 2011. YG couldn’t be listed on the stock market and should have gone bankrupt. Letting Park Bom get away with it has now been extended to TOP and BI getting away with it too. Trash police, trash YG, trash Big Bang.

3. [+4639, -69] Why do you have to reveal the person who tipped off anonymously and having her become the target of hate and ridicule? YG, how rotten are you are?

4. [+1948, -42] Yang Hyun Suk, right now! Get out of your job as president of YG!!! Is that all? Including his brother! They set up a company to carry out illegal activities inside and never intend to produce music! Both Yang brothers need to leave their positions and be exiled from the industry! Don’t let your innocent artists be smeared by your crimes.

5. [+798, -5] Ah… so that’s why their artists get drug tested every two months, you’re going to Japan to remove drug traces. LOL

6. [+480, -3] Yang Hyun Suk is so crazy. We have to deal with him first.

7. [+466, -3] “It’s easy to penalize you. However, celebrities in our agency don’t come out even if they are tested for drugs immediately. I’m going to do regular drug tests, and if they’re detected, they’re going to be sent to Japan and they’re not going to be detected.”

8. [+456, -6] Why is Han Seohee the #1 name on the search rankings?? Why not Yang Hyun Suk?

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