Han Ye Seul, Contact lenses with unique color + Nose piercing … “New challenge” (Golden Disc Awards)

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1. [+7146, -508] There’s something she wants to show as an artist! Do whatever you want. I support you! Han Ye Seul is not a doll! Don’t be confused~~ She has the right to express herself as she wants.

2. [+5252, -1164] She’s using her face as if she doesn’t care

3. [+2939, -193] It doesn’t matter how she style it. Why do people think that we need to follow the same rules without respecting variety?.. Koreans don’t really care this much about others, but they always write malicious comments about someone who does this.

4. [+3211, -975] Is the concept a cow?

5. [+2992, -1403] Ah, her nose ring is a bit bad.

6. [+879, -76] Regardless of how it looks to others, it’s good to see her decorating what she wants and showing it without fear. Amazing.

7. [+866, -78] In Korea, I guess as I get older, I’m not allowed to wear color lenses or get nose piercings. All of you should look back once you get 10 or 20 years older. Only the numbers change but your heart doesn’t. She just wants to express herself in her own way, why are you cursing and swearing?

8. [+607, -35] Once in a life, if you don’t mind otherss, you can express yourself freely and live happily. Why are you talking so much?

9. [+444, -105] She must have dreamt of Lee Joong Sub.

10. [+494, -164] It’s weird or pretty. Her concept looks weird these days. She was drinking tea earlier and talking about how vampires need to drink blood… She’s a fun person.. but seems very into herself.

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