Han Ye Seul’s new ‘ch*st tattoo’ up close … ‘unique + sexy’

Han Ye Seul reveals her new ch*st tattoo

On the 16th, Han Ye Seul posted two photos on her Instagram with the caption, “WEAPON OF CHOICE”

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1. [+2465, -359] It’s pretty, but there’s a lot of weird comments.

2. [+1794, -92] Don’t use this as an article.

3. [+2208, -1231] Why would you do that?… That’s weird.

4. [+998, -55] Wasn’t there a Yu Gi Oh card that looked like that? I remember it had good stats so it was good to use during duels.

5. [+854, -166] She looks pretty even when she’s lying down and taking pictures.

6. [+513, -41] Her image has become so dark

7. [+690, -237] She’s been getting weirder lately

8. [+448, -8] Reporters seem to be telling stories about celebrities on Instagram whenever they act in an unusual way. Bad comments are also bad ones, but they don’t seem to know that they’re helping create a society that doesn’t respect people’s individuality and choice. Maybe reporters still do it even if they know it. I want journalists to write better articles and respect the privacy of celebrities. I hope everyone knows how to respect and write comments carefully.

9. [+486, -137] It’s like someone putting a sticker on their Ferrari ㅜㅜ

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