Have you guys seen Krystal’s pictures recently?

She attended a famous Chinese fashion event (MADAME FIGARO FASHION GALA) and received the ‘Asia Style Award’

Every time she smiles, it melts my heart…<3

She’s so mischievous when she uploads pictures with her sisterㅋㅋㅋ
But she’s a celebrity when she attends award ceremonies,, her gap is crazy.

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1. [+46, -9] Freaking pretty

2. [+36, -4] Her face alone is pretty but her body is awesome and her aura is just……

3. [+17, -5] I envy you, how can someone look this neat?

4. [+14, -1] Seriously pretty

5. [+12, -2] So when is Je-keu2 coming..? I watched Je-keu1 in my 3rd year of middle school and I’m 22 years old now and I hope that I’ll get to watch it..^^

6. [+11, -1] I miss her on TV ㅠㅠ

7. [+10, -0] Soojungah

8. [+7, -0] She’s like a real vampire…

9. [+6, -1] She’s famous for her unique atmosphere

10. [+6, -1] She’s just getting prettier

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