‘TMI News’ Best Physiognomy no.1 BTS RM…”He Can be Big Hit’s CEO”

"He Can be Big Hit's CEO" Best physiognomy no.1 BTS RM

On the September 11th episode of Mnet’s ‘TMI News’, a physiognomy expert discussed what RM’s face indicates about his character and future. The expert said on RM, “Most people have straight brow bones, but RM’s are in a curve… This means that he’ll achieve the height of fame in his own field. The points on his forehead also indicate that he has definite likes and dislikes. That’s why he’s able to lead that group so well.”

The face expert continued, “The moles above his eyes are horizontal to each other. This means that he could receive precious treatment like someone who rises to the rank of earl. In all, RM has the face of someone who succeeds even if he wasn’t a celebrity. He’s pulling financial success. It’s possible he could become the head of [BTS’s agency] Big Hit Entertainment.”


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1. [+697, -11] Even if RM is not a celebrity, he will be a successful person in another field. I mean, physiognomy. But he knows what he wants to do. He is a good leader, but even if he is a boss in another field, he will be nice to the staff. Above all, he is very attractive because he is smart and his cute dimples. He is really a nice person, do whatever I want to do.

2. [+323, -5] No matter what Namjoon does, he will be a successful person. Thank you so much for coming with us.

3. [+180, -5] He’s the representative for all~ Namjoon

4. [+125, -3] Kim Namjoon is the best leader

5. [+45, -1] It’s true that Namjoon has raised Bangtan’s dignity…

6. [+40, -1] I feel that it’s not unusual for me because I’m a ignorant person. He can be a successful politician or a businessman. He’s so smart. I envy him.

7. [+38, -2] I think he’s really good at whatever he does.

8. [+33, -0] Namjoon is smart and decisive, which makes him a good leader. He’s smart, but he’s modest. But I feel different from other idol groups when he listens to others. I wasn’t interested in idol singers until I found out about Bangtan, after watching the press conference, I became a fan.

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