‘Love of 7.7 Billion’ Kim Heechul’s thoughtful confession, “The reason I didn’t clarify the rumors about me being gay was because I thought it would be inconsiderate”

Heechul reveals the reason for not denying rumors about being gay

For those of you that may know, I’ve always had gay rumors follow me since my debut. I’ve had scandals with other male celebrities too. I had a lot of these gay rumors go around because I had long hair and wore colored contacts since debut. I wanted to deny that I wasn’t a homosexual. But then I realized that if I did that I would be hurting the sexual minorities. There could be gays amongst my male fans that come to our concerts in Korea and overseas and I would feel so sorry to them if I did that. – Kim Heechul

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1. [+3138, -200] Wow, those are deep thoughts. It’s not a side that most people think and care about

2. [+2591, -154] He has deep thoughts

3. [+2363, -144] Kim Heechul seems to be a good, sincere and caring person, unlike the first impression that he’s the one who often attends parties.

4. [+104, -9] He has a pretty image, and he’s not gay.

5. [+87, -20] It’s not a big deal, just admit it if it’s true and deny it if it isn’t…

6. [+70, -18] I don’t get it, how does he denying being gay become something hurtful to gay people..?

7. [+46, -10] Why does this hurt gay people??? If you’re denying something that isn’t true, what’s the issue???

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