“Don’t bring your girlfriend”… ‘Momo ♥’ Kim Heechul, ‘Knowing Brothers’ dorm rules

Super Junior’s Heechul was told not to bring his girlfriend TWICE’s Momo to the ‘Knowing Brothers’ dorm.

On the June 5th ‘Dormitory Special’ of the JTBC variety show, the ‘Knowing Brothers’ crew and Shindong set the rules for the dorm. Shindong expressed, “Make private calls outside,” and Min Kyung Hoon looked at Heechul, saying, “Don’t bring your girlfriend.”

Shindong then asked Heechul, “You’re not going to bring her?” Heechul seemed caught offguard as he said “I’m…” and trailed off. cr

original post: theqoo

1. I really hate this.. Stop mentioning Momo

2. It’s a karma… ‘Knowing Brothers’ is a show that makes a living out of humor, mocking each other’s weaknesses, and Kim Heechul is at the heart of it

3. Is he still dating Momo? Why does he always mention his girlfriend’s name?

4. Momo-ah, please break up

5. Only TWICE and TWICE fans are pitiful…

6. How many times has Momo been mentioned?

7. I don’t like Kim Heechul, but this is Min Kyung Hoon and Shindong’s fault

8. Your girlfriend is a famous female idol, please protect her, Heechul-ah ㅜㅜ

9. The two of them are dating, so why is Momo being pitiful? Only the other members of TWICE and their fans are pitiful

10. Well, they’ve been dating longer than I thought..

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