Here are 8 idol-turned-actors out of 200 actors and actresses who represent the present and future of the Korean film industry

1. Yoona

2. Sooyoung

3. Do Kyungsoo

4. Junho

5. Taecyeon

6. Siwan

7. Lee Joon

8. Sohee

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1. Siwan is a real actor..

2. Kyungsoo, Junho, Siwan, I like their acting

3. Sohee is so pretty..

4. Taecyeon’s acting is so good in Vincenzo, he’s so handsome

5. What about Suzy???

6. Where is Park Hyung Sik? I like his acting tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. 2nd generation idols are the best, Yoona-ah, Sooyoung-ah💕💕

8. I like Junho and Sooyoung’s acting

9. Kyungsoo’s eyes are treasure

10. As expected, Sohee is Sohee, she’s so pretty

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