BTS V’s face today

original post: theqoo

1. He’s handsome but his bangs look uncomfortable.

2. His black hair is amazing

3. I’m happy just by looking at his face

4. Looks like this is not human. He is so freaking handsome

5. Why does he look so handsome today?

6. He looks so handsome. Why is he always so handsome?!!! Besides, he looks really sexy.

7. It’s difficult to express in words. He is really charismatic. A selfie photo with J-Hope. So handsome. I have nothing to say.

8. Kim Taehyung, what’s wrong? Why are you always so handsome?

9. A man or a sculpture

10. This is a great beauty … some photos look like real dolls

11. He is amazing. There is something unique handsome, sexy and cute, and really great atmosphere

12. I looked at his photos for more than 30 minutes today.

13. His face is crazy … If you live with this face, you won’t be angry.

14. Let me be born as V in the next life

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