Big Hit “BTS to enlist together in 2022? Nothing to share”

Big Hit Music, “We don’t have anything else to share about our artist’s enlistment plans other than what they have already confided. We ask for your understanding.”

original post: theqoo

1. I respect any decision made by BTS. I’ll wait..

2. No, the members will discuss with each other and make their own decisionsㅋㅋㅋ Why are you guys fighting??? Can’t we trust the members and wait????????

3. I will respect and support their decision because all members are adults

4. Why are Jungkook’s fans talking as if the BTS members enlist together is too cruel to him?

5. I respect BTS’s decision, but personally, I want to see the unit or solo

6. You guys are fans, you guys have no right to interfere in their lives, just support them….

7. Well, Jungkook fans seem to want him to make a solo debut…

8. Please leave BTS alone

9. Jungkook is still young, the agency is insane

10. The members will do what they want. They are adults, they aren’t kids

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