Huening Kai’s younger sister, Huening Bahiyyih, who debuted at #2 on Girls Planet 999

Her styling on stage

original post: theqoo

1. She looks exactly like her brother

2. I can understand why the reactions are not good. I think her visuals don’t suit Korean tastes

3. What are her skills?

4. Just looking at those pictures, I can’t seem to find anything appealing from her. She doesn’t seem to have found the style that suits her yet, so when she takes care of her style after debut, I think she’ll find the style that suits her best

5. You debuted now, so please improve your skills

6. I guess she will have a hard time

7. What if their album will sell well because of her?

8. Hmm… She doesn’t even have any skills..? But why does she have so many fans? It’s great to have an older brother who is a celebrity

9. She hasn’t promoted yet, but there are a lot of malicious comments about her

10. Oppa’s fans helped her debut at #2