Hwang Minhyun, “I’m grateful and apologize to NU’EST members… I want to be together”

Hwang Minhyun said that he felt grateful and apologized to NU'EST members

Hwang Minhyun congratulated their song ‘FACE‘ reach 100 million view.

He said that he felt grateful and apologized to NU’EST members. He wants to go to the end as a member of NU’EST.

He expressed gratitude to fans and members.

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1.[+834, -197] I love you, Hwang Minhyun. There are more fans who love you and protect you.

2. [+641, -140] Hwang Minhyun, cheer up. I’m happy. Thank you. I will cheer you.

3. [+502, -105] Hwang Minhyun, you did a great job and you worked hard. I cheered for your comeback

4. [+412, -69] Minhyun, no matter where you work, we always support you. We must not be discouraged. Just love. I expect the new song to be released tomorrow.

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