HYBE announces plans to debut idol groups

Big Hit: Localized Japanese group in mid-2021, boy group in 2022
Source Music: Girl group in 2021
Pledis: Boy group in 2022
Girl group from I-LAND in 2022
Localized American group in 2022

It is also rumored that Zico‘s label, which is now also under HYBE, is planning for a new group debut

original post: theqoo

1. Source Music’s girl group is Min Heejin’s girl group..? I don’t know..

2. Where will Sakura go?

3. I think Sakura will debut in Source Music’s girl group

4. Source Music will only debut girl groups, Pledis will only debut boy groups?

5. So what will happen to Sakura?

6. Min Heejin’s girl group, please, I hope the members are all Korean..

7. I’m curious about the localized American group

8. Sakura seems to be joining Big Hit’s Japanese girl group.. Source Music has age restrictions

9. I hope Min Heejin’s girl group doesn’t have Sakuraㅋㅋㅋ

10. Localized American group..? Hmm

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