HYBE’s plan to debut rookie idol groups next year

The second half of 2021, Source Music’s girl group
The second half of 2021, HYBE Japan’s boy group
The first half of 2022, Pledis’ boy group / Girl group from I-Land 2 (Belief Lab)
The second half of 2022, Big Hit’s boy group
Quarter 4 of 2022, global American boy group

original post: theqoo

1. There is no girl group of HYBE Japan..? What about Sakura?

2. Boy groups are daebak

3. I-Land 2 is a survival show for female idols, right??

4. Pledis’ boy group in the first half and Big Hit’s boy group in the second half of 2022? Crazy

5. I’m looking forward to Source Music’s girl group

6. So will Sakura debut in Source Music’s girl group? She’s so different from the kids that have been revealed

7. Each label is separate, so it’s not urgent

8. Can’t wait

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