Hyorin side “School violence? Checking the truth … Directly verifying”

Hyorin said that her memory is not clear and will come to see 'victim'

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Hyorin‘s management company, Bridge said, “We have read about Hyorin posted online and Hyojung is currently checking the truth because she has no clear memories 15 years ago.” We will search for the person who confirmed it and we will try our best to resolve it. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

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1.[+3400, -24] She may have done that when she was young. Although she sings well, she is famous and has good results now. But if that’s true, her career will end.

2.[+2779, -23] You should only go to the victim if the victim wants … And you say that your memory is not clear, so you can’t go to see her.

3. [+1853, -19] I was crazy because you tried to be an innocent girl and not a bully.

4. [+1769, -12] Sistar was famous for Iljin except for Bora.

5. [+848, -11] If that’s true, then the rest of Sistar’s gonna blow up.

6. [+271, -0] You’re going to visit her? As a victim of school violence, she doesn’t want to see you again.

7. [+266, -2] I think the school violence struggle should continue. So, I hope that children nowadays will be alert and feel that they will all come back to you later and the school violence will be abolished.

8. [+222, -1] If we look at the agency’s response, we can know whether it is true or not. Why do you have to verify the truth if you don’t do it.

9. [+186, -1] What is it? It’s scary to go to the victim. What are you gonna do?

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