Hyuna <3 Dawn’s provocative underwater kiss overseas “Unstoppable Love”

Hyuna and E'Dawn share a provocative underwater kiss

original post: naver

1. [+3632, -515] I don’t feel jealous.. or excited.. or just.. anything

2. [+1851, -303] It’s great that they’re confident about each other but they’re still public figures.. I’m seeing a lot of pictures that they don’t necessarily have to share.. Pictures that they should keep only for themselves..

3. [+1415, -135] Uh.. Just keep this for yourself..

4. [+1079, -90] Have a happy love

5. [+949, -100] Of course, dating at the age of dating is a good thing. But There are things you should keep only for yourself. There’s enough love to keep between the two of them, it’s not always good to show everyone that they’re close to each other.

6. [+238, -8] Do they always have a photographer with them on dates?

7. [+217, -13] I think love is the most beautiful when it’s not so obvious to others.

8. [+177, -1] Can you stop taking some pictures from Instagram and write articles?

9. [+219, -53] I think they’re cool for their honesty!! I think people are too conservativeㅋㅋㅋㅋ They posted it on their personal SNS. The public doesn’t say anything about this. Please leave them alone.

10. [+169, -4] That passionate love. Not everyone can do it anytime in life. They don’t have to worry about people sneering at them for breaking up later. They could be happy. We can’t buy it with money. I’d like to say this to the sarcastic people who say they’re going to break up later. You’re going to die anyway. Why are you living?

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