Hyuna, wardrobe malfunction in the university festival … Still performing professionally

Hyuna faced a dangerous wardrobe malfunction today

Hyuna recently attended a university festival concert

Hyuna was dressed in a neon bikini top that tied in the center paired with loose white sweat pants.

During her performance, her enthusiastic dance moves got her top untied.

After realizing what had happened, Hyuna held her hand on her stomach as she continued to perform.

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1.[+1278, -57] It’s hard to be a celebrity. Really. What did HyunA do so wrong to people who don’t even know what to say in the comments?

2. [+634, -24] Whatever it is, it’s good to see that HyunA is not doing anything bad, that she’s not sexually abused in drugs like YG’s kids, but I don’t know why they’re all scrawny about dating someone they like.

3. [+335, -18] What’s wrong with the comments here? HyunA’s image is sexy, but it’s not all naked. There are so many uncomfortable things.

4. [+287, -12] I’m really curious. Do people who write bad comments enjoy it? And can you live a decent life? I feel uncomfortable after saying bad things to others. Are you happy after you do so?

5. [+95, -6] I hope that she’ll be respected. Let’s respect her personal tastes.

6. [+100, -77] PR… it’s over.

7. [+43, -22] But honestly, HyunA is almost naked and she’s not surprised to be naked or wearing it.

8. [+24, -5] It could have been a big problem, but I’m glad you handled it well. I am sorry that such an accident happened at the joyful moment of the university festival… But I hope you don’t get hurt and stay active.

9. [+18, -0] It would be nice to wear a pair of white and blue jeans, but what kind of coat is it?

Hyuna faced a dangerous wardrobe malfunction today
Hyuna faced a dangerous wardrobe malfunction today
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