Hyuna shows off her unique clavicle piercings… “As expected from fashionista”

Hyuna shows off her unique clavicle piercings
Hyuna shows off her unique clavicle piercings

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1. [+2227, -63] Hul, I’m scared of infectionㅜㅠ It’s dangerous. Hyuna-ya, you’re pretty just the way you are ㅜ Don’t do these things.

2. [+964, -23] It was funny when she said that it gets caught with a beep at the airport security checkpointㅋㅋ

3. [+733, -17] How does she stick jewelry on it? Earrings and nose piercings have a backing that comes out, is this just something she sticks to? It must hurt a lot.

4. [+770, -61] If it’s fashion, then the African tribe costumes is Chanel.

5. [+830, -256] It looks gross

6. [+172, -4] You’re not fighting with Han Ye Seul, are you?

7. [+148, -6] Such an article~ Please don’t put it in the media!! Immature kids will try to copy it!!! Please filter out the article~~ㅠㅠ

8. [+123, -4] You’re going to have tetanus.. It’s not pretty..

9. [+120, -2] She’s free to express her personality. But don’t use fashionista. Reporter, do you see that as a fashionista?

10. [+122, -5] Han Ye Seul with nose piercing, Hyuna with clavicle piercing, who’s next? Who’s with the horn on the forehead?

11. [+102, -16] Tattoo, piercing. I hate it.

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