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Why doesn’t he sing the chorus
Sounds like he’s screaming

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1. I think it’s good… You don’t need to listen to the singer sing live in the same way as the recording

2. I don’t see anything strange. That’s the way to increase the audience’s excitement

3. It’s a concert, so he wants to sing it differently.

4. I think it would be more comfortable to listen to the original version.

5. Since last year, it has been a bit controversial, but not as many idols sing live as Bangtan. To be honest, they can lip-sync, but it’s great that they sing live. I believe Jimin will continue to grow.

6. No matter how he sings, I think he needs to practice his vocal skills more

7. I think it’s another version for the concertㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think it’s strange; Jimin’s stage is very good

8. I love it.. It’s like a rock version and his voice is very strong.

9. He can’t sing live well … I saw him make a mistake while performing ‘Fake Love’ with Charlie Puth last year

10. I want Jimin to practice his vocal skills more

11. I don’t think Jimin is good at live singing….

12. To be honest, J-Hope, a rapper, sings better than Jimin…

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