New idol survival program that started today receiving negative responses currently


The anticipation was high because they invested 20 billion + BIG HIT and CJ’s collaboration

But they’re receiving criticism over how bad the stage editing + talents are

original post: theqoo

1. People are tired of Mnet’s survival programs so I just wonder why Big Hit is collaborating with CJ to produce survival program..

2. It’s weird that there is a Vietnamese in the program. Is this the era when Vietnamese people enter Kpop after China, Thailand, Japan and Taiwan?

3. Looks like this show is getting more and more popular as I find a lot of posts about the show on theqoo’s HOT

4. Their skills are not good and their visuals are average

5. Is it because I like survival shows that I actually enjoyed it?

6. A show with no skills, no fun, no visuals

7. Honestly, it’s not fun… I don’t think I’ll watch it next week

8. I feel like this program doesn’t care about singing skills but is only about showing off dancing, it’s pretty boring

9. But you guys are talking about this program.. This proves the program is getting more and more popular

10. The editing of the stage was so bad that I couldn’t see the skills of the trainees

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