I.O.I, KCON + Album + Concert, plan agreement at the end of the year

I.O.I reported to be preparing for reunion with new Album + Concert

According to the new report, I.O.I will be attending KCON USA together as a group in August, and they are currently planning to release a new album in September. The group is also said to be preparing to hold a concert at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, Jeon Somi will reportedly be unable to participate in the upcoming reunion, as she is currently busy preparing for her solo debut under her new agency The Black Label.

According to the report, it was primarily due to the strong bond between the I.O.I members, who have been vocal about their hopes for a reunion, that this six-month plan came to pass.

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1.[+1406, -70] Wow… I don’t know about other member, but I think it’s good enough for Chungha with her solo debut

2. [+869, -152] I think it’s better for Somi to postpone her solo debut and join I.O.I. Don’t tell me you have a fantasy that Somi will do as well as Chungha? Even on the label under YG?

3. [+579, -7] But he is a journalist with low reliability

4. [+422, -30] Reunite with Somi? Who under YG? I just saw this article in the middle of Burning Sun article.

5. [+337, -3] Weki Meki comeback in May and Sejeong to filming a drama, I think there’s no way.

6. [+147, -9] Five years later, you didn’t keep your promise and you didn’t even gather enough members and the only reason to reunite is because you want money. Six months to go until the end of the year?I can’t believe it.

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