I seriously liked Kpop back in 2017

I seriously liked Kpop back in 2017

I still can’t forget the aura of 2017
Everything from summer, fall, winter, I can’t forget that feeling ㅠㅠ
I loved the year end awards shows…
I personally think 2017 is legendary, just thinking back to that year, I want to go back

Red Flavor
As If It’s Your Last
These two songs had such a solid tropical summer vibe

BTS shoot to the roof of the charts with DNA

Really Really charted to the top

I don’t have to say anything about Energetic

Produce’s Nayana, Never, A Little Girl, etc
Songs like Be Mine, Shape of You and Boy In Luv became trendy again because of their performances

NU’EST, N.Flying and Hot Shot were all hit big
Blue Moon was good

IU made a comeback after a year and a half with Can’t Love You Anymore, Through the Night and Palette

BTOB grabbed the general public’s attention with MOVIE and Missing You

EXO’s Kokobop and Power were just summer itself

GOT7’s Never Ever
SF9’s O Sole Mio
Both of them became considerably more popular

Sunmi’s Gashina was a big hit

SNSD’s Holiday
Apink’s FIVE
Seventeen’s Don’t Wanna Cry and Clap
Mamamoo’s Yes I Am
TWICE’s Knock Knok, Likey and Signal
BOL4’s 20 Years of Age and Some
Taeyeon’s Fine and Make Me Love You
AKMU’s Dinosaur
DAY6’s You Were Beautiful and I Like You
NCT’s Cherry Bomb
Taemin’s Move
MONSTA X’s Dramarama and Shine Forever

MeloMance’s Gift was daebak

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1. [+140, -10] The awards ceremonies were amazing and the songs were all so good and the active idols were so fun, it was the hot times… The active idol back then just topped the charts. The Ex-Bang-Wan composition was so much fun. Right now, BTS is taking over the world, so if they participate in an award show, everyone can expect who the winner will be

2. [+93, -2] I miss 2017, it made my fall ㅠㅠ

3. [+52, -2] Me too I liked 2017

4. [+38, -0] Ex-Bang-Wan were seriously the heydaysㅋㅋ Legends

5. [+24, -0] 2017.. I miss Wanna One ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ

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