I understand why Jihyo said that JYP supports the entire group

When I saw GOT7’s article, it mentioned that some of them wanted to renew their contract. But JYP said that if it’s not the entire group, they won’t renew with them

I bet TWICE knows about this too, because people related to the company are talking about it

When Jihyo appeared on Radio Star, she said that JYP supports group activities more than individual activities.

I feel like Jihyo said that means she doesn’t want the group disbanding
Honestly, I’m sure Jihyo wants to go solo too but she’sthrowing that greed out for the team.

Since I’m a fan of girl groups, I want to see Treblemayeo (TWICE, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, Mamamoo, GFriend) for a long time…

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1. [+327, -15] She suffered a lot for the 10 years before debuting.. Of course she wants to protect her team…

2. [+200, -34] Treblemayeo is legendary. All 5 groups need to renew their contracts so we can see them for a long time

3. [+144, -25] The similarity of Treblemayeo is that they get severely hated on Pann but at the same time they are loved too, please let’s go for the long run

4. [+119, -94] ㅋ If she did individual activities, she would improve her skills more quickly

5. [+63, -3] All 3rd generation girl groups are precious

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