I was so shocked by TWICE’s Momo when they sang the encore at Show Champion

I just saw this on Instagram and… I was seriously shocked
To be honest, when I listened to their song, I thought they just made her sing like that but when I listened to the encore… ugh

I’ve added the link. Listen from 2:30

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1. [+444, -7] Looks like she was surprised by herself too

2. [+375, -35] They’re f*cking bad at singing live

3. [+374, -13] She could even appear as a tone-deaf person on ‘I Can See Your Voice’

4. [+325, -638] Guys, have you listened to the duet of BTS and Charlie Puth? It was a disaster

5. [+297, -29] To be honest, even Jihyo is the main vocalist in TWICE,,,ㅋㅋ But I don’t think she’s as good as Seulgi, Eunha, Jennie or Ryu Sujeong. Nayeon too, she’s not as good as othe sub vocals like Joy, SinB or Choi Yena

6. [+293, -7] The truth is that TWICE is in a position too high for their skills, and not even once or twice we talk about how bad they sing live.. It’s not like they didn’t practice, but why didn’t their live skills increase?

7. [+258, -2] Noㅋㅋㅋ The singers who were listening to it live must have had a reality check

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