I was so shocked from the choreography sync and I kept replaying this gif from yesterday’s Mcountdown

Seventeen’s ‘HIT’ full group fancam

original post: theqoo

1. Wow … how can they dance like this?

2. Seventeen has 13 members but no holes.

3. I really like watching Seventeen’s choreography.

4. The synchronization of Seventeen choreography is amazing, but if you look at individual fancam, 13 people have different dances and different dance feelings.

5. Are you crazy? Wow, how does your body move like that?

6. The important thing is to practice well, each member’s skills, the combination of members is really important. They have all three.

7. Although I’m not a Seventeen fan, Seventeen’s dance is so hard that I’m looking for fun from watching their performance videos.

8. These people are amazing when they are really energetic as a group … To be honest, I have never heard this song before, I can’t see any of their facial expressions and they just dance, but it’s fun.

9. Seventeen’s stage is really good.

10. Oh, they’re always good on stage

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