Idol group with all the members have been casted on the street


JR (Kim Jong Hyun) (25)

Kim Jong Hyun has been casted by Pledis coordinator on the way home from school.

Because it’s a small neighborhood in Gangneung, his parents refused because they thought it was a scam.

The coordinator returned to Seoul, arrived in Gangneung the next day and convinced his family that Kim Jong Hyun should pursue his dream.


A Pledis representative to Los Angeles to audition for LA Pledis found Aaron on the street and invited him to audition.

Attend auditions and win first place.

Quitting college and persuading his parents to come to Korea.

Baekho (Kang Dong Ho) (25)

Kang Dong Ho is very excited to know that Superstar K qualifiers will be held at Jeju Island.

The person in charge of the casting of Pledis asked if he wanted to go to Seoul.

After coming to Seoul, he became a main vocal.

Minhyun (Hwang Minhyun) (25)

On the way home from school, his friends invited him to eat chicken skewers.

He refused because he didn’t want to eat it at first, but his friends told him to go eat it.

Pledis’s casting manager found Hwang Minhyun while he was eating chicken skewers.

Ren (Choi Mingi) (25)

On a rainy day while attending another audition

Pledis’s manager on the other side of the street found Choi Mingi

He threw his umbrella and ran to bring Choi Mingi to the audition.

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1. Pledis, good at casting really.

2. The casting team is … really talented.

3. How did they get to the small village in Gangneung?

4. I wonder how they go around the world to find those kids

5. Wow, really great, How can they gather members like that?

6. I wonder if Hwang Minhyun didn’t go to eat chicken skewers on that day, what is he doing now?

7. The casting anecdote is very intense. This is one of the best groups in Pledis.

8. These guys are all handsome

9. The casting team of Pledis really works very hard

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