Idol groups who represent the 4th generation voted by teenagers

The Boyz 33,5%
TXT 32,4%
Stray Kids 15,5%
NCT 4%
etc. 10%

Aespa 46,2
STAYC 22,9%
ITZY 15,4%
Weeekly 6,6%
ect. 8,9%

original post: instiz

1. Oh, seeing this, I’m curious about the 3rd generation too

2. STAYC girls it’s going down~

3. For me it’s TXT, The Boyz, Aespa, ITZY and STAYC! NCT debuted in the 4th generation…? I don’t think NCT is a 4th generation group…

4. TXT has a lot of good songs… Although I’m not a fan, I still listen to ‘Loser Lover’ often

5. I don’t know about male idols, but I agree with Aespa and STAYC

6. NCT is the 4th generation group…?

7. I’ve heard about Aespa and STAYC a lot

8. Why NCT is the 4th generation? They debuted the same year as BLACKPINK

9. What, NCT only has 4%????

10. I like The Boyz too ^^

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