Idols’ choreography are going too far?

My knees would have broken already if I was them

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1. [+344, -2] The first picture looks painful but the second picture is causing me a heart attack

2. [+286, -8] NCT has too many dangerous choreography… They have many dances like their 2nd gif and they would also step on each other’s hands. I hope they would only promote for 1 week like that and would do less intense choreography starting the 2nd week…

3. [+263, -33] I’m really worried about NCT’s choreography…. To be honest, they have the most intense choreography among idols…..

4. [+108, -0] I like NCT, but it’s not a great dance to risk with their knees like their 2nd gif. Even if they don’t do it, they can show us a good performance, I don’t want that to happen in the future.

5. [+108, -1] This makes my heart uneasy just looking at it

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