Idols that you think are popular in the celebrity world

Write down, whether it’s male or female idol

Idol who would receive the most confession from the opposite sex
Idol who would get the most attention from staffs and fellow idols

Idols who are popular in the celebrity world

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1. [+211, -22] Every time there’s a post about ‘Idols that you think are’, the best comments are always BTS. Even just now, I saw another post like that. Who’s going around manipulating the comments?

2. [+210, -18] Kai

3. [+185, -27] Don’t you think that Sana and Eunha are super popular? I feel like Jung Chae Yeon and Nayeon are popular too. For male idols, it would be Kai

4. [+116, -25] To be honest, isn’t it Cha Eunwoo, V, Kai and Jimin?

5. [+92, -136] Jungkook, V, Jimin

6. [+90, -60] Sehun and Kai seem to be so popular

7. [+80, -172] Jimin

8. [+69, -19] Kai

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