Idols who can’t sing vs idols who can’t dance

Idols who can't sing vs idols who can't dance

I’ve been thinking about “idols who can’t sing vs idols who can’t dance” for a while and I definitely think I hate idols who can’t dance more.

Reply: But usually, idols who can’t dance can’t sing either

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1. I hate idols who can’t sing~ What if the singer didn’t even have the basic skills

2. If you can’t sing, you’re not a singer

3. If you can’t sing, you don’t need to sing, but the dance is… I can see it right away..

4. If you can’t sing, you can fix that with technology. But if you can’t dance, there’s no way to cover it

5. I hate kids who can’t dance more, but I think 1 is the singer’s basic skills.

6. If you can’t dance, the whole balance of the group seems to be broken.

7. I don’t want to see idols who can’t dance…

8. To be honest, I hate both..

9. Wow, the dance has become the more important standard for idols? I feel the generation gapㅋㅋㅋ

10. Looking at the comments, I think you know why idols can debut even if they don’t have any singing skills.

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