If these female idols were in the same group, who would be the visual center?





original post: theqoo

1. The center will be Yoona

2. I like all the other members… But to be honest, the center will be Yoona

3. I think the center will be either Yoona or Irene

4. Sulli for me, I think Sulli is the prettiest face of all Asian female celebrities

5. I’m so sorry, but please change the center for each comeback

6. The center will be Suzy! Suzy’s popularity seems to be the most stable

7. Irene or Suzy

8. The center seems to be Irene. Something that connects all four of them?

9. Just change the center for each song

10. Everyone is pretty, but I think good dancing is the most important, so the center will be Yoona.

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