If you asked me to choose only one 2020 girl group song, I would choose this song immediately


The best song

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1. After listening to this song, I looked for other April songs and listened to them

2. For me it’s Oh My Girl’s Dolphin

3. I thought of Dolphinㅋㅋㅋ I like this song too

4. I like the song, the lyrics are good, the song is good, April is pretty and the suits are pretty

5. I like the song, but the MV is a bit disappointing

6. This is the best song among the girl group songs released this year

7. I thought it was a song by Oh My Girl or BLACKPINK, but I also like this song

8. Of course, I thought of BLACKPINK, but LALALILALA is so good

9. I agree

10. It’s a really good song… I listened to it as soon as it released, but I’ve listened to it till now, I still feel the excitement of the first

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