If you were a trainee for the girl group, you would choose SM or JYP

BoA / Girls’ Generation / f(x) / Red Velvet

Wonder Girls / Miss A / TWICE / ITZY

original post: theqoo

1. JYP, the most popular girl group

2. If you’re in SM, your future stability is guaranteed

3. SM, I like the concept of SM girl groups. I think it’s fun to be active in so many different types of concepts.

4. SM, their music is my hobby…

5. JYP, I want to win the Daesang award

6. SM, I like their concepts and music, and the most important thing is that I get more sleep

7. SM, I like having a clear concept ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. JYP, SM style is great, but I don’t want to.

9. JYP, I will succeed and make a lot of money

10. SM, because it’s stable

11. SM, popularity may not be equal to JYP’s girl group, but the concept, album quality, etc. are much better.

12. SM, an agency that you can maintain stability even when you lose popularity

13. JYP, I feel JYP is an agency that I can feel more comfortable walking around

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