‘Illegal business’ Daesung’s building to be demolished

'Illegal business' Daesung's building to be demolished

BIGBANG Daesung’s building, causing controversy due to illegal business, is in the process of being demolished

A building official said: “In the past, there were many shops, but now there are no shops except a cafe on the first floor and a hospital on the third floor.”

'Illegal business' Daesung's building to be demolished

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1. [+850, -300] Do you really think he didn’t know?ㅋㅋ He has been in the drugstore for over 10 years, you naive idiots.

2. [+428, -132] It’s good to take it down, isn’t it? And how is it normal that the building owner is being asked to take responsibility for all of this?

3. [+304, -47] But I wonder how much the owner of the building has to supervise the illegal business. Even if he knew about the illegal stuff going on, it’s not like he can just cancel the contracts and kick them out, no?

4. [+311, -95] Why is the building owner taking responsibility for this?

5. [+216, -26] I’ve seen a lot of brothels that have been caught, but I’ve never seen people focusing on the owner of the building like this. People should focus on the people who owns the brothels

6. [+129, -9] After all, the fact of the current situation is that the police couldn’t uncover any signs of prostitution and so they never had to alert the building owner of it either. The illegal business owners all ran away and it’s just Daesung left to bear the brunt of the focus.

7. [+116, -13] The reporter’s trying to get him into trouble. Why is he taking responsibility for this?

8. [+90, -3] I guess I should report all the karaokes who call girls into the rooms around my town too~

9. [+117, -34] The Illegal businesses were already being run secretly before Daesung bought the building so how was he supposed to know about all that? It’s not fair for the owner of the building to be responsible for that.

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