‘News A’ illegal businesses in Daesung’s building abruptly close up shop … ‘concern over destruction of evidence’

Illegal businesses in Daesung's building abruptly close up shop

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1. [+544, -127] You’re acting just like Burning Sun. We’re closing in on the police… How is this possible?

2. [+121, -4] I’m not a celebrity. This is a ridiculous argument if a normal person lets you rent a building. Is it normal now to blame the owner of the building for all this?

3. [+119, -2] It’s really weird to have the news in the name of a business place instead of Daesung’s building.

4. [+115, -4] Now that Daesung, the owner of the building, has found out, he’s gonna be evicted, so they’re just closing down to avoid other tax investigations.

5. [+190, -118] Yang Hyun Suk and his people must be working behind the scenes.

6. [+74, -3] If Daesung is responsible, who wants to be the owner of a building in our country?

7. [+67, -0] But News A is trash.

8. [+60, -0] You don’t have to investigate the landlord?

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