Imposed tax fine on SM

20 billion won, that’s too much ㅜ

original post: theqoo

1. What did they do, 20 billion won?

2. YG is 6 billion won, but SM is 20 billion won..

3. This is why they re-released albums??

4. Even YG wasn’t fined this much

5. This is a company that should be boycotted… Wasn’t Lee Soo Man wanted by Interpol before?

6. Well, Lee Soo Man, who wants to make China the Hollywood of Asia.. He’s ridiculous

7. I thought YG was the worst, but SM was even worse than YG

8. So SM has evaded taxes..?

9. SM is in deficit every year, but Lee Soo Man is talking about his Chinese dream..

10. More than three times the drugstore?

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