In part two of April’s interview today, the evidence that was also found to be incorrect

It was claimed in part two of their interview that the photo on the right, was taken during Chaewon’s graduation ceremony in February 2016. The set of photos were used to prove the girls’ close relationship.

However, that photo was likely taken during Yena’s graduation instead of Chaewon’s.

Chaewon had the same scarf on, and that the yellow flowers she was holding on to were the same. Hyunjoo had carried pink flowers on that day as well, not to be seen in the selfie taken with Chaewon.

During Chaewon’s own graduation ceremony, she did not wear a scarf and the flowers she received were different. cr

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1. All the photos they put out are just photos taken from their public schedules

2. Regardless of when those photos were taken, these photos can’t prove that they were close

3. Well, another lie

4. The agency and the members are so stupid

5. So April’s side said that Hyunjoo went to Chaewon’s graduation ceremony and took a selfie with them, so they were close enough to prove Hyunjoo wasn’t bullied.. This reason is ridiculous

6. Does this agency really think lying will work? It’s not the 90s, it’s the information age, the 21st century, 2021. How long are they going to lie?

7. It’s creepy and I feel bad for Hyunjoo…

8. Just admit it and apologize

9. Do they think the fans are fools too?

10. Stop it, you guys are getting ugly

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